Reco WiFi RP200 Smart Plug Remote Control Switch For iPhone Smartphone

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Reco WiFi RP200 Smart Plug Remote Control Switch For iPhone Smartphone


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Reco WiFi RP200 Smart Plug Remote Control Switch For iPhone Smartphone 


Support IOS & Android system mobile phone realize remote control to household electronic appliances. APP Scan two-dimension code and Download directly, easy to set up.



Input voltage: AC 90-245V 

Input frequency: 50-60Hz 

Maximum current: 10A 

Rated power: 2200W 

Wireless standard: 802.11 b / g / n 

Frequency range: 2.412-2.484GHz 

Sensitivity: -93dBm - 82dBm 

Security mechanisms: WEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK 

Encryption type: WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / AES 

Shell V0 retardant: PC material 

+ 18dBm transmit power 

Open communication distance outdoor 250m 

Power detection accuracy 1% 

Safety testing through security 

USB extension and API extensions open 

Frequency range 2.412-2.484GHz wireless standard 802.11 b / g / n USB extension and API extensions open 

Rated power 2200W + 18dBm transmit power input voltage AC 90-245V


Reco smart socket, based on WiFi, remote control via mobile phone, so you at any time, any place to control household appliances. Timer switch, notification reminders, power monitoring, USB charging and other variety of control functions, voice, micro letters, the most intuitive user experience, so you fun smart home. 


API interface and hardware interfaces open Reco cloud services, simply plug in an accessory module again (Bluetooth, infrared, zigbee, 433 / 315M, etc.), your other electrical equipment can be remotely controlled.


FAQ(Commen questions)


Q1: How do I download the to control App application?

A1: Please refer to the manual, the use of micro-channel scanning software already in your phone, scan microblogging corresponding ios or android dimensional code will jump directly to the download page; directly enter the download link. 


Q2: Device with how to my home router ah?

A2: First, make sure your smartphone is connected on the wireless router at home, in the yellow flash status (factory default) and then check whether the device is powered on, or long press the right button to restore factory settings. Enter the configuration page, and then open our App to your wireless network name automatically obtain, click configuration can enter the Internet password. Note: The phone will need to be connected to Wi-Fi network you want the device to join configuration.


Q3: equipment, how not connect to my home router?

A3: there may be several reasons:

Please check your home router is working, whether the phone can be normal Internet access via Wi-Fi

Your router is busy, try to connect to re-click configuration. 

You enter the wrong password, clear and re-enter the password. 

Your router has the maximum number of access devices, the only access to the device limit is reached; reconfiguration can try to turn off a device's Wi-Fi capability empty channel. 

Check your home router, wireless network security settings recommended use WPA/WPA2. 

If the above method does not resolve configuration issues, please call 400-6886-043. 


Q4: configured how to add a device to the list?

A4: configuration after the success of "Home", and will automatically prompt the new equipment to search "control list, click to join.


Q5: How do I remove the device?

A5: In the list of devices selected device right-to-left sliding deleted.


Q6: device status show offline What do you mean?

A6: where the Wi-Fi network device disconnected or unavailable, restart the router or check the cable connections.


Q7: device status display locally what does that mean?

A7: mobile phones and devices in the same local area network, control shortcut does not go traffic.


Q8: device status display remote is what does that mean?

A8: the phone and the device is not in the same local area network, the mobile phone in the other network state, such as 3G, GPRS; to control the reaction rate depends on the speed of the mobile Internet, minimal data traffic.


Q9: Can I remote control equipment?

A9: Yes, as long as your equipment online, on your mobile Internet, you can be anywhere in the world control equipment.


Q13: Can I control multiple sockets?

A13: Yes, you can add multiple devices and device information page custom name, icon. The same phone can control the maximum support equipment for the 100 units.


Q14: How to use the timer function?

A14: Go to Control page click the lower left corner of the timing tasks, you can add multiple timing functions and select whether to set weekly repeat. Note: the opening time and closing time is not the order can be set to turn off and then turn.

Q15: I can set the number of timing function?

A15: You can set the maximum timing function.


Q16: What is the delay function?

A16: Quick Set delay xx minutes to open or close based on the current state of equipment.

Package Included:

1 X Reco WiFi RP200 Smart Plug

1 X Instruction


Reco WiFi RP200

Reco WiFi RP200

Reco WiFi RP200 Plug

Reco WiFi RP200 Smart Plug

Reco WiFi RP200 Plug

Reco WiFi RP200 Plug

Reco WiFi RP200 Control Switch

Reco WiFi RP200 Control Switch