0.001g-10g Mini High Precision Jewelry Weighing Scales

معرف المنتج BG42092MZ


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0.001g-10g Mini High Precision Jewelry Weighing Scales


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100% Brand  New.

Weight: 96g(with accessories)

Color:  Sliver

Size:  11.5cm(L) x 6.5cm(W) x 2.1cm(H)

Power  supply: 4 x AAA 1.5V batteries (Not  included)

Capacity  of the scale: 0.001g to 10g

4  Weighing Modes: CT/ DWT/ G/ GN

"Add up"  button allows you to add the total  of a number of separate weights

"Tare"  button weigh in a container, the  tare button will subtract the  container weight from the total  reading.

1 minute  auto-sleep function, low battery  indicator.

Built-in flip-up breeze cover to  ensure accurate weighing.

Includes  tweezers for safe & easy placement  of items on weighing tray.

Easy to  recalibrate to ensure accurate  weighing; w/ included calibration  weight.

Rubberized feet will help secure  unit from movement and absorb  vibrations.

Leatherette slip case provides  protection against contamination  during transport/storage

Light-weight and compact, this  portable precision scale is ideal  for weighing.

Package  Included:

1xJewelry Digital Scale