ESEN 1400W 1600W 10m Corded Electric Lawn Mower 9 Gallon Grass Trimmer Weeding Machine

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ESEN 1400W 1600W 10m Corded Electric Lawn Mower 9 Gallon Grass Trimmer Weeding Machine


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1٬269 ر.س.‏


ESEN 6 Amp And 7 Amp 394-inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower With 9 Gallon Grass Collection Bag

The EAEN Electric Lawn Mower is designed to help you care for your yard without raising up a cloud of gas emissions that is harmful to you and the environment. It has a zero carbon footprint and provides all the power you need without polluting the air or forcing you to keep hauling your gas can to the nearest station. It is also mulching capable thanks to the included mulch plug. It has a backward discharge chute and a rear collection bag. This corded lawn mower runs on a 6-amp or 7-amp motor and features a durable steel cutting deck with a wide cutting path that cuts 0.8-2.7"(H) to 13.4-15"(W). The 9-gallon rear bag detaches easily to quickly dispose of grass clippings. The ESEN electric lawn mower moves easily across your yard on its 7" front wheels and 10" rear wheels. When you finish, the easy cam lock on the handle facilitates folding and storage.

Rotate Speed:28502850
Mowing Height: (adjustable)0.8-2.4 inch (5-setting)1.1-2.7 inch (5-setting)
Cutting Width:13.4 inch (34cm)15 inch (38cm)
Applicable area:10001200
Grass Collection Box:40L40L
Carton Size:72x47x34cm77x48x38cm
Usage Place: garden, lawn, courtyard, school, farm, park, roadside

Why Chose ESEN Electric Lawn Mower:
10m power cord
6-amp or 7-amp induction motor
13.4" or 15" wide cutting path in a single pass
0.8" to 2.7" Cutting height for the perfect cut on all grass types
5-position height adjustment lever
9-gallon rear bag detaches easily
Safety switch
Instant electric start
7" front wheels and 10" rear wheels
Durable steel blade cuts with precision
Easy cam lock on handle allows for easy folding and storage
Cord lock prevents cord from disconnecting
Low Profile Design- Ideal for accessing under shrubs & obstacles
Easy pushbutton safely engages mower operation
Compact design makes this lawn mower easy to push and maneuver on small lawns
No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
Hard-top rear bag collects and stores grass clippings while detaching easily for convenient disposal


Before use:
1. Wearing solid shoes, safety goggles and protective gloves.
2. Cleaning the sundries on the lawn, such as stone, tree root, toy and all kinds of waste.
3. To ensure the parts is well install, safty and stable, the machine can working normally.

When using:
1. Safety Attentions: Mowing in the fine weather environment, don't mow on the humid grass. Keep away from the old man and the child. Keep away from the machine chassis, the spectator Must be far away from at least 8 meters of the operating area.  When cut the foreign matter and the machine appear abnormal vibration,you must pull the plug immediately.
2. Starting method: After turning on the power supply, press safety button and press switch handle at the same time.  
3. Operating on slope: gradient of slope should Less than 15 degrees, and you should cutting grass transverse, don't cut the grass up and down.

After use:
1. Turn off the power, until the blade stop rotating completely 
2. Cleaning the machine: Empty the grass collection bag, avoid the chopped straw that decay can produces too much heat resulting in a fire. use the dry cloth to clean the chassis, blade, avoid water droplets enter into the machine. Don't use detergent to clean the machine.

Storage And Maintenance:

Storage: ESEN lawn mower can be folded store, storage environment should be keep dry and clean.

Blade: When the blade is no longer sharp, should replace the ESEN original blade.
Grass Collection Basket: Can be cleaned with clear water, natural drying, can be used again after drying.  
If the basket damaged should be replaced timely.
Electric Motor: When mowing the lawn, stop running the machine after use for a period can benefit for extending the life of the motor. If feel resistance when mowing, Don't force to cut the grass, should adjust to the top grade, prevent damage of motor due to overload
Grass Baffle: Grass plate can prevent sundries throw out from the grass breaches to hurt the operator. Should check the grass barrier plate regularly, If the grass baffle damaged should be replaced in time.

1 x electric lawn mower
1 x manual

ES-M3401 1400w

ES-M3801 1600w

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