Smart Plasma And Ozone RC Air Purifier For Home Office Air Cleaning

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Smart Plasma And Ozone RC Air Purifier For Home Office Air Cleaning


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Description :  

Plasma And Ozone Air Purifier For Home Office Air Cleaning With Remote Control

Main function : 

1. Fruit and vegetable pesticide degradation, washing fruits and vegetables, fish and other food, detoxification preservation, sterilization, decomposition, pesticide residue decomposition impurities such as chemical fertilizers, clenbuterol Improve the taste and food additives to prevent chronic poisoning, extend the preservation time.

2. Bedroom air purification, sterilization, prevention of infectious diseases, removing dust and smell the fresh air, building the forest of indoor air environment.

3. To remove peculiar smell, bathroom, refrigerator, wardrobe, pet residence place such as peculiar smell, prevention increases oxygen tank for daily necessities, such as clothing, tableware and children's use Product (baby bottles, toys, etc.), disinfection, guarantee the health and the health.

4. Used to wash the face, gargle, bath, beauty care, anti-aging, and maintain oral hygiene, prevention of oral diseases.

5. Ease and auxiliary treatment of some diseases, such as beriberi, constipation, hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, toothache, periodontal disease, wound disinfection, promote healing, etc.

Features : 

Stronger sterilization capability than UV.
Compare to UV, Plasma ion also function to decompose harmful and toxic air and efficiently remove smoke, smell and odor.
Low power consumption and much energy savings, long life terms.
GL-3190 suitable to the rooms from 21 to 30 square meter.
Touch screen operation, remote control optional, LED display.
Specification :

Model Number : GL-3190
Plasma Ion output : 6×10,000,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone Output : 500 mg/hr
Technologies : Plasma, Ozone
Application : Air and Water (Ozone) Cleaning
Air Volume : 50m³/h
Application area : 21-30㎡
Power : <=16W
Voltage (V) : AC 220V 50Hz [EU Plug, please kindly know that this appliance not suit for 110V working]
Style : Air Purifier
Usage Condition : Household
Installation : Portable
Type : Plasma
Power Source : Electrical
Certification : CE, RoHS, Other    

Operating Steps :

1. Switches on, the screen display is up and down, pushing the OZONE and Anion to manipulate the OZONE and plasma working hours.
2. Then press the "+" and "-" to adjust the plasma and ozone controling time. If you want to stop halfway, just press ozone or negative ionic bond.
3. Connect with the airway and outlet well, and then put the aeration stone to use at the bottom of the container.
What's more, The remote control has the above all function, which can remote control.
Package Includes :  
1 x Home Office RC Smart Plasma And Ozone Cleaning Machine Air Purifier
1 x Remote Controller
2 x White Conduits
2 x Blasting Gas Stone
(Comes with a mini adapter according to you country :)
Details Pictures :