280W 150 LED Beads Full Spectrum Plant Lamp Growth Nursery Light AC85-265V

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280W 150 LED Beads Full Spectrum Plant Lamp Growth Nursery Light AC85-265V


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Name: 280W LED Grow Light for Plants Vegetable Bloom

Input voltage: 85-265 (V)

LED lamp beads number: 150

Luminous flux: 12000 (lm)

Lighting efficiency: 80 (lm / W)

Power factor: 90%

Protection class: not waterproof

Size: 410x210x65 (mm)

Certification: EU ce certification, hazardous substances (RoHS)

Life: 50000 (H)

Shell material: aluminum alloy


1, the use of high-quality LED light source, the life of up to 50,000 hours.

2, can replace 3 to 5 times the power of high pressure sodium lamp, than the traditional high pressure sodium and metal halide lamp can save 80% of the electricity.

3, high light efficiency, 90% of the light emitted, can be absorbed by aquatic plants. But the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp, only 8 to 10% of the luminous efficiency.

4, built-in cooling system, a good solution to heat problems.

5, the input voltage AC100V ~ 240V, suitable for worldwide use of electricity. Built-in power supply, no other equipment configuration, direct simple and safe plug access AC100V ~ 240V voltage can work without mirrors and ballasts.

6, the light irradiation area will vary according to the different plants and the environment will change, and the technical parameters will change.

7, the product all materials ring in line with environmental requirements, does not contain mercury, lead and other harmful heavy metal substances.

8, the proportion of different light can be specified by the customer, we recommend the ratio is 8: 1,7: 1: 1 and 7: 2, the market commonly used wavelength (red: blue: orange) red light wavelength 620-630nm , Blue light wavelength 460-470nm, orange light wavelength 610-615nm; can choose red / blue / orange / yellow / purple / infrared / white mixed light provided to the plant spectral needs. Red light to promote plant germination, flowering, blue light to promote plant growth, the user can choose a more appropriate wavelength and color ratio to promote plant growth.


Suitable for any growth period of the plant, and effective for aqueous solution culture or soil cultivation. Suitable for indoor gardens, potted plants, gardens, planting, breeding, farms, spray, greenhouses, aquaculture, flower cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation.


(1) The lamp has no waterproof function, can not be applied in dripping water and any wet places, water and static electricity will damage the lamps and lanterns;

(2) the working environment of the lamp is -20 ~ 40 ℃, 45% RH ~ 90% RH;

(3) products at work do not touch, beat;

(4) In order to protect the lamps and lanterns, please disconnect the power supply when there is a lightning strike.

Note: We will send you a free adapter, according to your country.

Package Included

1 x 280W LED Grow Light

1 x Hanging Kits

1 x Power cord

1 x English Manual