Niwalker Nova MM18 emitters 2 X MKR And 1 X XM-L2 5120LM LED Flashlight

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Niwalker Nova MM18 emitters 2 X MKR And 1 X XM-L2 5120LM LED Flashlight


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Product name:

Niwalker Nova MM18 LED Flashlight




Nova MM18

Emitter Brand/Type:

emitters 2 X MKR And 1 X XM-L2


Alumiun alloy

Total Emitters:


Battery Configurations:

4 x 18650 Battery (not included)

Impact Resistant





5120 Lumens Maximum Brightness


499.1g (without battery)




1. Highly efficient circuit design offers maximum output and runtime

2. Dual Multi-function clicky side switch with momentary activation and on/off

3. Memory function to remember last input setting used (except hidden modes)

4. Advanced thermal protection circuit prevents overheating

5. Unique reflector design provides great throw beam distance and beam pattern

6. Aircraft grade aluminum,mil-spec hard anodized for maximum wear

8. Toughened ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating

9. Large cooper heat sink pad for superior thermal conductivity

10. LED indicator turns red to alert user to switch lower output mode and recharge batteries in time.

Technical specifications:

1. SPOT XML2: 1 lumens / 420hrs, 8 lumens / 241hrs, 95 lumens / 28hrs, 588 lumens / 6.6hrs, 760 lumens / 4hrs, 955 lumens / 1.1hrs

2. FLOOD MKRx2: 3 lumens / 330hrs, 17 lumens / 300hrs, 160 lumens / 40hrs, 648 lumens / 13hrs, 1600 lumens / 4.6hrs, 4270 lumens / 4.6hrs

3. SPOT+FLOOD: 4 lumens / 300hrs, 24 lumens / 150hrs, 253 lumens / 18hrs, 1230 lumens / 4.2hrs, 2200 lumens / 2hrs, 5120 lumens / 2hrs

4. Beam distance: SPOT / 341 meters, FLOOD / 245 meters, SPOT+FLOOD / 417 meters

5. Peak beam intensity: SPOT / 29000cd, FLOOD / 15000cd, SPOT+FLOOD / 43000cd

User Interface:

1. Turn the light ON/OFF by the side switch. Once you release the switch, the light comes on constant output mode.

2. Press-hold the switch from ON to cycle through all the modes: Mode 1 > Mode 2 > Mode 3 > Mode 4 > Mode 5. Release the switch to select the desired output with mode memory.

3. Double-click from ON to access Turbo. Double-click again for strobe. Double-click again for strobe. Another double-click for SOS. Another double-click for beacon. Single click the switch to turn the light off.

4. Turbo mode steps down to mode 5 when thermal protection kick in to prevent overheating.

5. When in standby, press-hold the switch for momentary activation Double press and hold the switch for constant on (Second press-hold within 1.5s).Double-click for instant strobe.

6. Lock-out mode is accessed by a rapid triple-click of the switch from OFF. Another triple-click re-activates.

7. Standby indicator flashes when batteries are connected but the light is not on. A brief green flash of the switch occurs every three seconds.

8. Both switch operates independently.


Please use quality high drain batteries. Please do NOT this light unattended. Please caution when using higher output levels. Light body gets hot when the light is on for long period of time and avoid shining the beam directly into the eyes. This product is high power device and capable of causing eye damage.

Package inlcuded:

1 X Niwalker Nova MM18 emitters 2 X MKR And 1 X XM-L2 LED Flashlight

1 X Holster Bag