Waterproof 50cm 8 Tubes USB LED Meteor Shower Rain Xmas Light

معرف المنتج BG1102413MZ


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Waterproof 50cm 8 Tubes USB LED Meteor Shower Rain Xmas Light


120 ر.س.‏

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120 ر.س.‏



LED Qty:30pcs/tube

Input voltage:AC110-240V

Output voltage:DC5V

Protection Class: IP65

LED Working Voltage: DC5V

Color: Warm White/White/Blue/MultiColor

Mini LED Meteor Tubes:8 PCS

Tube Spacing: 50cm


LED Shower Meteor Rain Lights, Meteor Effect, Romantic aesthetic,Low-Voltage Power Supply, IP65 Waterproof, more Durable.

Every bulb turns on and out one by one in sequence like snow fall, richer colors, very beautiful.

Widely used for market Engineering lighting, architectural decoration, also good to use to decorate trees along streets, parks, rivers, urban night lighting, attractions landscaping, gardening, community night crystal decoration, hotels, shopping malls, night entertainment all over the environment decoration.


The power voltage is permitted in +5%~-5% fluctuating. If it's beyond the said scope, it would influence lifespan, even unlighted or burnt out.

Make sure connecting wire is connected and sealed well to avoid defending Electricity Leakage.

Make sure waterproof protection, and no defending Water leakage before connecting to extra power supply.

Before maintenance, make sure the power cut off. After assembling right, it can be connected power to use.

No breaking to any stipulation of fireproofing. Please ask Professional to install.

Kindly reminder: We will send you a free plug adapter according to your country/area.

Package Included:

1x 50cm 240LED Meter Shower Rain Light