Focuspet 100xLED UV Multifunction LED Flashlight + Protected Glasses

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Focuspet 100xLED UV Multifunction LED Flashlight + Protected Glasses


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Product name: Focuspet 100xLED UV Multifunction LED Flashlight 

Material: Aluminium Alloy 

Height: 7.56in/192mm 

Head Diameter: 3.07in/78mm 

Tail Diameter: 1.46in/37mm 

Wave Lenth: 395nm 

Power Supply: 6xAA batteries(Not Included) 

LED Numbers: 100 LED 

LED Life: 200,000 hours


1. The UV light has long wave Ultraviolet Light which makes finding Pet Urine stains easily. 

2. It is also a reliable security tool for Checking counterfeit currency/ID Card/Passport. 

3. UV Lights make Scorpions glow in the dark easily. 

Widely Used: 

- Leak detection. Automotive repairmen often use UV leak detection systems for the repair of air conditioner leaks, oil leaks, sunroof leaks, cooling system leaks and oil leaks. 

- Charging fluorescent materials.UV torches will charge "glow in the dark" materials almost instantly. Useful for night fishing, camping etc. 

- Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaning. It is not easy to find stains in your house or your hotel, get a blacklight flashlight to try, you must be shocked. 

- Rodent detection. The urine of many animals, including dogs/cats and rodents will fluoresce under UV. 

- Scorpion and bed bugs hunting. Scorpion and other bugs will glow in the dark while under UV light. 

- Counterfeit protection. Many currencies contain a UV fluorescing strip. 

- Nail Polish drying. It is easy for girls to dry their Nail Glue while using UV Light Torch.

Package Included:

1x Focuspet 100xLED UV Multifunction LED Flashlight

1 x Protected glasses

2x AA Battey Holders