Professional False Extension Eyelash Glue Brush Full Kit Set with Case

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Professional False Extension Eyelash Glue Brush Full Kit Set with Case


350 ر.س.‏



1. It includes false eyelashes of mixed length and color.

2. Look like natural and real ones.

3. No need besmear mascara cream.

4. You don't feel uncomfortable when wearing the false eyelash.

5. Waterproof and permanently curled.

6. With user manual ,it contains use instructions and precautions.

7. With compact disc, detailed using method is demonstrated.

8. All tools are packed in an exquisite case, portable to carry.


Case Size: App 24 X 10.5 X 23cm 
(L X W X H)

Weight: App 1180g

Package Included:

2 X 8mm false individual lash box set    

2 X 10mm false individual lash box set

2 X12mm False Individual Lash Box Set

1 X 8mm Black False Eyelashes Round Box  

1 X 10mm Black False Eyelashes Round Box

1 X 12mm Black False Eyelashes Round Box

1 X the Silk Gum Element Glues to Match (15ml)

1 X Tasteless Clean (10ml)

1 X A1 series-planting eyelash clean (60ml)

1 X Air Pump (for drying)

1 X Eyebrow Scissors

1 X Brush

2 X Tweezers (one straight one curved)

1 X Eyebrow Tweezer

1 X Eyelash Comb

1 X Eyelashes Release Paper (4pcs)

1 X Mirror

1 X User Manual

1 X Case

How to use:

1. Separate the eyelashes up and down with plastic wraps. Close the eye to use it.

2. Comb the eyelash smoothly with eyelash comb.

3. Choose the eyelashes that are suitable for the customer after observing the customer's eyelashes.

4. When gluing, it only needs gluing to third of the eyelashes, and then gently draw it out.

    There should not have air bubble on the glue water at the false eyelashes.

5. False eyelashes can not be glued at the root of the real eyelashes and skin.

    It should depart from the root of the real eyelash 0.5-1mm, and glue the real eyelashes two-part.

6. One false eyelash should be glued on the one real eyelash, which can not be glued on several real eyelashes.

    The space of each eyelash being glued should be little apart. Otherwise, they should be glued together.

    It should take about 4 minutes to dry it, and then glue other eyelash successively after they are dry completely.

7. After finishing gluing eyelashes of one eye, you should dry it with the blow ball.

    It takes about 5-10 minutes to make your customers open their eyes.