30000RPM Electric Nail Drill Machine Set LED Display File Manicure Pedicure Tools

معرف المنتج BG1197243MZ


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30000RPM Electric Nail Drill Machine Set LED Display File Manicure Pedicure Tools


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1. Shape and gently clean away uncomfortable hard skins, corn and hard glue.

2. Low noise and vibration for smooth and long-time operation.

3. Micro-computer self-controlled technology to control the clockwise rotation

    and anti-clockwise rotation.

4. LED digital display provide a direct review of the grade of rotation speed(from grade I to grade S).

5. can be controlled with both mannual or foot switch.



Item Type

Nail Drill Machine Set


Stainless Steel

Plug Type

EU Plug


Approx. 152x152x37mm/ 5.98x5.98x1.46"    

Main(Power Supply & Control) Part:

Rated Voltage Range

100-240V, 50-60Hz

Rated Power Input


Output Rated Voltage     

DC 0-12V

Handpiece(Motor) Part:

Working Voltage

DC 0-12V

Rated Current


Rated Speed


Ideal Speed

0 - 30000RPM

Package Included:

1 X Electric Manicure Pedicure Machine Tool

1 X Quick-Change Handpiece

1 X Handpiece Cradle

1 X Foot Switch

1 X 6 Type Bits and Shafts Set

1 X English User Manual

Installation and Wire Connection:

1. Connect the 5-pin plug of the portable grinding head/ hand piece to the OUTPUT socket at the main panel.

2. Connect the pedal switch to the FOOT S/ W socket.

3. Select the proper drill bit according to actual requirements, and fasten it to the handpiece.

4. Connect with the main source power.



1. Press the button ON/ OFF on the panel-board and power indicator POWER is on,

    showing the power supply for the machine is ready.

2. Press the button SPEED CONTROL +/ - to adjust the speed of the rotation and the machine starts

    its normal operation. At the same time LED displays the grade of current rotation speed ranging from 1-8.

3. Press FWR/ REV to choose clockwise/ anti-clock wise rotation.

4. Press ON / OFF button to start or stop the operation of the machine.

5, Please adjust the handpiece to the lowest speed before changing.