Body Shape Slimming Heating Sauna Pant Infrared Massager Tighten Thigh Stomach Weight Loss

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Body Shape Slimming Heating Sauna Pant Infrared Massager Tighten Thigh Stomach Weight Loss


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-Burns fats up until 600 calories per usage

-Melt cellulite from the outside ( as if you have been jogging as far as 5km)

-Very effective for weight loss programme


-Reduce pain in body parts, nerve system, muscles, bones, etc

-Relief stress and relaxing the muscles

-Increase cardiovascular system and body immunization

-Flush out toxins in the body such as aluminium, cadmium, mercury and lead

-Increase body metabolism and speed up blood flow

-To break excessive fats into smaller pieces, reduce heart problems, stroke, high blood pressure and anti-aging


-Beautify the skin

-Burn fats around the tummy and tighten the stomach

-Reshape the body and buttock in a safe and natural way


-Help makes the tummy thigh and womb smaller

-Help heal inner-side of the body (wounds and pains) and makes mothers more energize and health


Item Type: Saunna Pant

Power: 220V / 50Hz

Loading Power: < 65W

Temperature Range: 45℃- 75℃(adjustable)

Color: Black or Orange

Size: One size fit most


Waist: About 80-120cm

Hip: About 60-105cm

Lap: About 40-80cm

Plug: EU plug

Adapter: We will send you an adapter(this is just plug adapter, is not transformer's adapter)according to your living country


Package Included:

1 X Sauna Pant(without original package)

1 X English Manual



1. Before wearing the sauna pants, you must wear a cotton pants and never ever wear the sauna pants alone without any cover to the skin. The reason why you must wear a cotton pants is because the cotton will help absorb sweats that comes out of the skin.

2. Wear the sauna pants in a comfortable manner, either in a standing position or in lay down position. DO NOT use it while sitting down or facing down while laying on bed because this might trigger problems to the pants and its remote controller.

3. DO NOT put on lotion or cream onto the skin while using the sauna pants because the pores will open wide and this can cause irritation to the skin (allergies / itchiness ).

4. You are encouraged to drink a lot of warm water before, during and after using the sauna pants to avoid rehydration.

5. DO NOT use the sauna pants at least 2 hours after you have your meal. For best results, use the sauna pants for a maximum of 50 minutes in one session.

6. DO NOT wear it too tightly. This is to ensure you will get the sauna effect effectively. Make sure the pants cover your abdomen, buttock and thigh.



-Once you have finished your session, take off the sauna pants and spread it on a flat surface until it cools down.

-Clean it with a wet cloth and dry it.

-Store in a dry place.

Smelly with the new product, it will gone after wash it. Soft material, it could support   the chin after adjusted the size to fit myself.