12-Cups Chinese Vacuum Cupping Acupuncture Massage Therapy Magnetic Suction Set

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12-Cups Chinese Vacuum Cupping Acupuncture Massage Therapy Magnetic Suction Set


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1. Tank transparent, negative pressure tank according to the patient's physical condition and condition of random adjustment, easy to observe the tank skin changes, easy to grasp the cupping time.

2. The use of more secure, no burns of the gifted, easy to operate, not broken, it is both applicable to the hospital, but also more widely applicable to the family.

3. Safe sealing, the mouth was round arc-shaped, smooth, rounded, and the skin contact surface, air tightness, and easy to fall off.

4. Complete specifications, suitable for all parts of the human body to use.



Treating effect on those who have:

-Diarrhea, asthma, constipation and acute and chronic prostatitis.

-Sore throat, tinnitus, deafness, chronic rhinitis, wind and fire toothache, irregular menstruation women, through the pelvic inflammatory disease, children enuresis,infantile anorexia, mosquito bites and other illnesses.


-Select the acupuncture points (reference disease acupoints)

-Select the appropriate cans and comfortable position, can be divided into sitting,supine, lateral and prone position.

-Will be selected on top of the tank with a mention of the piston to ensure ventilation.

-The negative pressure muzzle gently trap the top of the tank after the piston, thevertical rapid lifting bar several times, to cupping skin uplift, the patient can tolerate for the degree.

-The connector can be used in areas that can not be directly cupped (such as the spine,waist).

-After the cans are adsorbed on the surface, the negative pressure gun will be swung back and forth to the left and right, and the piston of the can is leaked.

-At the end of the treatment can mention the piston.


-Cupping to choose the appropriate position and muscle plump, smooth skin, no hair parts.

-In the initial treatment, you should first use a small cupping, and small cupping, light stimulation.

-From the tank, the local flushing itching can not mess, after a few hours or a few days later, can be dissipated.

-From the local skin after the tank blisters, water droplets, bleeding, congestion and other phenomena are normal treatment response.

-Cupping, from the tank should be kept warm indoor, to avoid the outlet to prevent the cold.



Item Type: Cupping Set


Material: Plastic

Application: Body

Function: Help treating lumbar muscle strain, rheumatism

Size:(Inside diameter)

1#:2pcs 5.7cm cups

2#:2pcs 4.5cm cups

3#:2pcs 3.7cm cups

4#:2pcs 3.2cm cups

5#:2pcs 2.4cm cups

6#:2pcs 1.9cm cups


Package Included:

1 x 12 Cups/set Medical Chinese Body Vacuum Cupping

1 x Vacuum pump

1 x Pipe

More Details: