Cofoe® Small In Ear Invisible Hearing Aid Amplifier

معرف المنتج BG1128824MZ


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Cofoe® Small In Ear Invisible Hearing Aid Amplifier


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299 ر.س.‏



- Help you hear the sound clearly and loudly,suitable for patients with mild to extremely severe hearing loss.

- Ideal for watching movie, enjoying the drama, attending meeting,having class and chatting with friends.

- Super mini size,not easily to be seen.

- Reduce noise, provides good sound quality.

- Anti-shock& anti-drop,user-friendly design.

- Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing,Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.


Brand: Cofoe

Model: D -C - C1L

Color: Beige

Host size(L*W): 1.8x1.2cm/0.71x0.47"

Battery: A10

Calibration: Automatic

Max SSPL90(dBSPL): ≤117

HFA SSPL90(±4dBSPL): 107

Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤10%

Peak Gain(±5dB): 40

HFA FOG(±5dB): 35

Frequency range: F1≤500,F2>3000Hz

Working current: 1.36mA

Power Voltage: DC1.2-1.4V

Compression rising time: 48ms

Equivalent input noise: 27.6 db

Working Current: ≤2.5mA

Power consumption: 7mW

Recovery Time(ms): ≤1500

Style: Left / right(ear)


1.Keep the ear plug clean.

2.Do not wear on swimming or rainy days 

3.Remove the battery if you don't use it for long time.

Package Included (1 set):

1 x Hearing Aids(Batteries included)

1 x Case

1 x Cleaning Brush

3 x Earplug