Romatic Bluetooth Speaker LED Melody Bulb For Christmas Decorations

Romatic Bluetooth Speaker LED Melody Bulb For Christmas Decorations

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Romatic Bluetooth Speaker LED Melody Bulb For Christmas Decorations


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Use the smartphone connect bluetooth to control it.

Support iPhone4S, iPhone5,iPhone5C,iPhone5S,iPad Air,iPad Mini,iPod(4th generation),iPod(5th generation),Android smartphone should up to android 4.3


The model LED lighting with Bluetooth audio combines LED energy saving lighting and sound technology together.

The outer ring is the ring luminescence band, which can brighten the light of warm white or cool white. A small-caliber and high-powered full-range speaker is located in the middle area,  and music player rise well. Bluetooth audio receiver is suitable for all kinds of products with Bluetooth, such as mobile phones.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lamp can install in all lamp with E27 socket, no need technical person, no need special equipment.Bluetooth transmission effective distance 10m.

Application: parlour, bedroom,study, kitchen, bathroom, passageway


1. This product is suitable for the areas of grid voltage 90-240V AC 

2. The host interface of the product uses internationally accept E27 standard

3. The installed distance from the ground is more than 2.2M, and the maximum less than 4M

4. The distance of Bluetooth transmission is greater than 10M(when no obstacles)

5. Infrared remote control distance is greater than 10M, 360 degrees remote without dead space(host nstallation testing height 3M)

6. The host is in low power state when the host is remote shutdown, in the line environmental protection requirements. When unused for long periods, please turn off the line switch

7. This product has perfect protection function. When the ambient temperature is too high or the power grid surge is too heavy, 

8.The  host will enter protection automatically, and the machine is in standy. This is normal, and it just needs simply press key to restart.

9.All-Wireless bluetooth speakers and light bulb lighting system  led bulb lifespane more than 50,000 hours

10. Easy to install by simply twisting the bulb speakers into the current screw lamp base .

11. Bulb light be dimmable  by matched remote control .

12. Bulb can be linked working together on lighitng and playing music from mobile   source

Power:Speaker 10W,LED 5W(600-800LM)

Speaker:8Ω  10W


Amplifier:Class D

Signal input:Bluetooth. 2.4G Bluetooth transmission

Bluetooth transmit distance:10 meters 

Signal output:300-15K audio signal

Working temperature:-40-80 Degree

Working voltage:AC100-240V

Life:>40000 hours

Lampshade size>5 inch

Environmental protection level:No mercury pollution



box size:12*12*17.2cm

Product Weight:355g

Package included:

1 x LED melody bulb speaker

1 x Remote controller

1 x User manual

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