LiitoKala Lii-400 1.2V/3.7V Li-ion And NiMH LCD Smartest Battery Charger

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LiitoKala Lii-400 1.2V/3.7V Li-ion And NiMH LCD Smartest Battery Charger


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Product name:

LiitoKala Lii-400 1.2V/3.7V Battery Charger





DC Input voltage:

12 v / 1.5 A

Li-ion battery charging current:

4.2 + / - 0.05 V

NiMH battery charging current:

1.42 V

Compatible Batteries:

18650,26650,14500, AA, AAA, etc.(not included)

Cut-off current:

< 100 mA

Converter standby current:

< 15.0 mA




162mm(L) x 96mm(W) x 36 mm(H)


1. Four kinds of charge current regulation (300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA)

2. It can be of different size batteries while charging(18650/26650……/AA/AAA)

3. The charger preclude the use of a separate screen LCD display, voltage (V) Current (mA) Time (h) Capacity (mAh) resistance (mR)

4. Each independent LCD display battery charging parameters;

5. Have 0 V voltage activation function, 1.6-2.2 V can't charge

6. Put a charge, short circuit, bad battery intelligent recognition and reverse connect battery protection

7. The DC input, charger working power supply for 12 v - 2.5 - A (5.5 * 2.1 * 10 mm stand head)

8.With 5 v / 1000 mA USB output function

The USB output parameters:

1, the USB port output no-load voltage: 4.90-5.30 V.

2, the output current: 1000 mA;

3, no-load current: < 1 m A;

4, 1000 m - A load current, the port output voltage: 4.75-5.25 V.

5, stop output voltage protection: 3.0 + / - 0.1 V.

Description of the keys:

1 The charger has a button, control the charging current, easy to use current button. Hold down the select key under any circumstances and keep 2 seconds 300 ma symbol flash, gently press the select key again change the charging electric current (300 ma ma ma / 700/700 300 ma), 8 seconds after selected need to have current into the charging status.

2 When the charger is connected to the power supply, LCD full bright moment, if the battery is not put in, will show the Null, if the bad battery inserted, also will show the Null. Whenever insert battery, charger current marked eight seconds, if in the eight seconds, no change set, so to 300 ma, in the 8 seconds, the user can use the select key setting current, long press 2 seconds later change the charging electric current.

3 USB only as a booster output, the output current is 1000 ma, (connect the power supply the USB output invalid).

When the battery into the slot in the automatic identification of the booster output, if can't automatic identification of individual products, and hold the select button 2 seconds can be output, the USB to the 5 V power supply of electronic products, products of four battery slot, any slots are available for USB booster output, suggest 4 slot in the battery, (only the output of the USB 5 V to 3.7 V lithium battery effectively, nickel metal hydride batteries are invalid.

4 Four independent charging channels: independent charging control chip, the precise control of each charge, groove respectively according to charging voltage value.

5 It is a simple and smart charger, a battery meter, short circuit protection, and as the overcharge protection function, such as rechargeable a variety of different models of     cylindrical lithium-ion battery and compatible ni-mh/ni-cd battery. This product is simple, powerful functions, the use of safe, is the ideal office and home use, choose the best partner.


1. The charger can only cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, and compatible with nimh batteries;

2. Before use, please refer to the instructions carefully, pay attention to the rechargeable battery choice;

3. Do not use other power adapter;

4. Only can be used in normal indoor.

5. Stop the use, please unplug the power

Package included:

1 X LiitoKala Lii-400 1.2V/3.7V Battery Charger

1 X 2A adapter

1 x Car charger



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