2G GSM 900mhz LCD Cellphone Signal Booster Repeater Amplifier Kit With Sucker Antenna

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2G GSM 900mhz LCD Cellphone Signal Booster Repeater Amplifier Kit With Sucker Antenna


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GSM 900Mhz Signal Booster Signal Repeater


High gain, easy installation and operation.

Full-duplex, single-port design.

Use ALC technology, adjust extent automatically.

LED working light and signaling conditions.

Big linear power, control intermodulation and scatteration stable.

Reliability stand by the standard GB6993-86.

Compatibility of electromagnetism according with ETS300 609-4.



Frequency range:

890MHz - 915MHz (Up Link)

935MHz - 960MHz (Down link)

Power: -70 ~ -40 dBm / FA (1.23MHz)

Gain: (Up Link) on 50/55/60 / 65dB / ± 10 dB (Down link) 55/60/65 / 70dB ± 10 dB

signal coverage: to cover 150 square meters use

Impedance: 50Ω

Isolation:> 65dB

Power supply: AC110 / 220V (Used AC / DC 12V DC adapter)

Compact design: Indoor use

Dimensions: 140 * 100 * 20mm / 5.51 * 3.94 * 0.79 "

Adapter: Option 1 is a European plug, option 2 is an American plug.

Signal repeater installation diagram:

How to install repeater (very easy and simple):

Step 1: Use your mobile phone to test signal strength outside house or on roof, -70dbm is the basic requirement (full bar). 

Step 2: Install outdoor antenna in that location and keep adjusting, point it to signal tower station, try to get the best signal. 

Step 3: Run outdoor coaxial cable into building in a convenient location to connect with signal repeater.

step 4: Mount your indoor antenna with signal repeater

step 5: Power up signal repeater device to check the signal inside, moving outdoor antenna until you get a satisfied signal.



Connect outdoor (BTS) port with outdoor antenna, connect indoor ANT(MS) port with indoor antenna, outdoor antenna is mounted at a higher position. Both antennas should be 10 meters far away from each other at least.

Indoor and outdoor antenna must be separated by wall.

Signal problem & installation technique support:

1.If signal still weak after installation, please check if outdoor antenna point to signal tower correctly or elsewhere has stronger   

    signal and confirm signal strength achieve-70DBM.

2.If still have no signal after installation, please check our device power adapter whether connected perfectlyAnd connectors

    works well.

3. If strength is not steady, please check if outdoor and indoor antenna is too close; please ensure outdoor antenna has distance of 

    10 meters at least, with a barrier and not in a same horizontal line.

4. Packed the outdoor connector by waterproof glue, otherwise the wet will reduce the signal cover area.

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