10000mAh Genuine Treasure Charging Power Bank For Mobile Phone

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10000mAh Genuine Treasure Charging Power Bank For Mobile Phone


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Battery type:polymer batteries

Material:PC + ABC/surface temperature paint

Built-in batteries:IPAD same paragraph piece polymer batteries

Product capacity:10000 mah

Conversion rate:more than 85%

Life:more than 500 times the number of cycles

Input voltage:DC5V-5V(MAX)

Output voltage:DC5V-1A;2.1A(MAX)


Compatible with:Tablet PC,mobile phone,PSP,MP3,MP4 and so on.


1.look beautiful,stylish atmosphere,comfortable feel;

2.More than 85% higher conversion (mobile power real power),low loss;

3.Non-working automatic sleep state, to prevent power loss;

4 mobile power batteries aspects: Ipad polymer batteries,can effectively control the power overcharge and over discharge,not to hurt the phone, durable;

5.USB power output, plug and play, ready to charge;

6.security:We have real proof software board with IC as a mobile power supply circuit board,cable for 16 pin adapter cable bold,faster and more secure input and output,with additional adapters have control panels,safe and reliable.

7.Products built-in data line,do not go out with a line.Charging more convenient

Note:Automatic identification load:when digital products access,digital products can automatically identify to charge a plug that charge, when fully charged without removing the digital product can automatically identify start overcharge protection,shut down output,smart convenience,maximum limits to save power,so charging more safe and secure

Package Included:

1x power bank

1x cable(Integrated in the fuselage)

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